Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pets and Their People

Ten years ago, while working as a fine art photographer, I adopted a little rescue dog named Tulip. The day I brought her home, I put several rules in place - she wouldn't sleep in my bed, I wouldn't buy her clothes or talk baby talk to her. These rules lasted all of two weeks before I gave into her charm. Living with Tulip has taught me to be in the moment, to explore new territory, to respond to the unexpected, and to take joy in little things. She makes me laugh every day.

Like any smitten companion, I began taking pictures of her. Over time, these pictures began to reveal her unique personality and, in the process, I discovered that I love to photograph animals. I borrowed friends' dogs, I dressed them up, I took pictures. Each animal was different.

It seemed a natural progression that led me to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. I visit there several times a month to photograph the animals who are waiting for forever homes. More than once, I've had the pleasure of witnessing the moment when a dog and it's companion-to-be fall in love and each time my heart breaks open.

Last year I opened my own pet photography business. I've photographed dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, horses, even snakes. The portraits I create honor an animal's character and unique personality. They reveal the deep connection a family shares with a pet.

In the months ahead, I'll be sharing these portraits in my blog and talking about the experience of making the images. I hope you enjoy it.

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